So I'm having some issues starting my bike, it got a Polini 6.2 water cooled engine.
It hadn't been started for a good few months so I chucked in some new fuel, refilled the the rad with fresh water and in a couple of pulls it started straight up. I let it run for 5 mins shut it off, started it fine again and then let run for another 5 mins which was no issue.

I managed to get back out to the garage a few hours later so went to start it up and it did first pull, I then noticed it was idleing quite high so I adjusted the screw a little bit. I then shut her off to top up the fuel and now when I pull the pull cord it just comes straight out, like there is no resistance against it like usual if that makes sense?
Just wandered if anyone could point me in the right direction as to why this is? Gunna clean the carb out anyway but thought someone might know what I need to do quicker than by the time I've researched it

Thanks :P