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Thread: Iame engines, where does the power come from?

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    Unhappy Iame engines, where does the power come from?

    So it appears that most racers choice of engine is the iame or cs racing engine, these engines have been about for well over 6 years now, and yet we still know very little about them (or at least I do)

    There appears to be very little information about them regarding dyno figures etc, so where does all this power and grunt come from?

    I have done a little research and it seems that what they lack in bhp they make up for it in torque and they have bag loads of it, so much in fact, that on today's grids they actually limit the iame engines to 15mm carbs where the bzm engines can run 18mm carbs, to level the playing field.

    So for this thread I will be uploading all my findings and putting some pictures up (although even pictures of iame engines are limited)

    Would love to hear of others people's experiences and thoughts as well 😜

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    I think itís the Pink powerband that gives all the torque

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