Hi All
My 10year old's been attending the Scott Redding academy at Swindon Karting for a few weeks now, and has taken quite a liking to it.
He's now after a bike of his own so he can go other places, and potentially get into a bit of racing.
Can someone recommend a good bike for him to get started on that's reliable.
We've got a budget of around 1,000 and want something reasonably modern that can progress with him if he decides to take racing seriously, and moves away from a 10mm restrictor, which I understand he should start on ?
I've seen the Polini bikes available at Macintosh Mini bikes for around that budget, but can't see anywhere online that sells new or recent GRC bikes, so have no idea what a new one of those costs, or if there's any other brands that tick the boxes ?
Any info, or recommendations would be welcome