Long shot, used to own an RSR polini AC 4.2 and a banshee frame polini AC 4.2, me my little brother and my bsb mate only rode the minimotos at m4 karting so no leathers, had a baby so sold the bikes, no use out of them or time etc,

would like a go at angmering if someone out there wants to lend me their minimoto for a day for a price, insurance money etc you can hold in your hand, obviously a day you'd be there too,

I knee down every turn of hully at a decent speed, my bsb mate only gaps me slowly,
Been a motocrosser from 9 yrs old,

No Fraser rogers or Scott reddings, seen both down there, my mate knows everyone there well, but i can ride, and know the dangers etc so not going kamikaze for any race wins that donít matter

34r 6ft Size8boots, leathers and boots ???? Need to borrow/buy these too, or can buy some 3rd hand ones elsewhere if I can find a bike to borrow

Maybe a Sunday before banger racing, and then watch banger racing after, or a Tues weds or Thursday evening

I live in leatherhead so this seems closest etc, I also have a friend interested if the person had 2 bikes, heís bigger and much slower, less experienced in road riding, and his son if you had another slow bike,

Any ideas on how this could work, please share your thoughts, Iím open to other suggestions, just as long as an outdoor track,

Maybe if successful maybe once a month or something, 100% genuine, a bit far fetched but owning a bike isn't really an option,

Would really appreciate any responses, thanks.