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Thread: new to the mini moto scene

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    new to the mini moto scene

    Hey guys, I'm new to the mini moto scene , I've done some motocross in the past weston beach race etc, some pit bike racing , but I fancy a change and I really like the look of the mini motos, I'm 16 and I am 6ft3 what would be a good bike for me to look at and how can I get involved with racing etc I'm from the south east.

    Thanks liam

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    Hi Liam,

    With regards to what bike to choose take a look at this thread

    Where exactly in the South East are you? I'm from Essex and I know that Indikart in Colchester do mini moto evenings monthly I think its 20 for 6pm-10pm. If you are in Kent I'm sure you could probably blag a ride round one of the many karting tracks that are about


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    Hi tom
    I'll check out that link
    I'm from essex too where about to you go or is there only the one place around here ?

    Thanks liam

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    I'm about 10 minutes from Southend, to get to Indikart ( CO2 8HF ) it normally takes me around 50 minutes but with traffic you need to allow 1hr 30mins. Realistically your going to have to travel outside of Essex for decent track time but it's worth it

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    Oh fair enough, I'm from burnham on crouch ? Don't know if you've herd of it its the other side of the river to southend, I'll be driving in may so then I will travel for some decent track time, do you just go to track or do you race in the british championships, if so what class ?, and what bike do you have ?


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    Hello and welcome Liam.

    Check out the getting started area on the main page for some pointers

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    Hello, thanks for the welcome, and thank a lot


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