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Thread: Making a pit bike road legal??

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    Making a pit bike road legal??

    hi im planing on geting a pit bike very soon but i want to make it road legal is it hard to do so or what if i was to build my self a pit bike from scratch would i be able to get it road legal then?

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    wow didnt know a pitbike can be made road legal. awesome

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    here are a list of things that needs to be done to make a bike road legal.
    this can be done even on mini motos, which im thinking about doing.

    1. you will need a VIN tage underneith your moto, permanently attached, and must display,
    * maunfucature name
    * engine size
    * Catergory A (for bikes)
    * The amount of drive sprocket teeth your bike has
    * date of manufacture
    * seriel number (16 or 17 digits long)

    2. one wing mirron that is atleast 2mm thick and has no sharp edges.
    3. a speedo that reads you speeds in MPH, not KMH
    4. front headlights, and rear brake lights.
    5. a warning led on handlebars showing that the headlights are on, (even though you will clearly see, it is an essential to have this)
    6. indicators are not essential, as you can hand signal, but if you have indicators, they need to be each side and more than 18cm apart from eachother.
    7. number plate space on the rear, with a permanently fixed bracket, (this can be home made, aslong as its permanent and strong)
    8. white light illuminating the number plate
    9. front visor and mudguards must be atleast 2mm in thickness. (if not then you can place a rubber window seal around the edge to make it 2mm or more)
    10. exhaust must have manufactures name or mark of aproval engraved into it.
    11. road legal tires with max weight and BS number clearly printed on the side. (essential with any motor vehicle)
    12. security, a bike lock will do fine.
    13. a place for tax disk holder to be permanently bolted, and must be clearly visible.

    follow these steps and you can make any size motorbike legal for on-road use.
    i know this because my uncle makes a regular thing about making quadards road legal.
    he told me these steps, and have never failed him.

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    pit bike frame & v5

    if you have an off road pitbike can you make it road legal i dont have a v5 for it. ITS AN OFF ROAD FRAME??

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