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Thread: Crash Video

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    Crash Video

    Thought that would get you looking. This one comes from the states. Thankfully, both riders involved are sore but otherwise OK.

    So long as you've got the right software at your end this should either download on to your computer or play (after buffering) on your media player.

    It will take about five - ten minutes on a slow dial-up (telephone line) connection.

    The picture quality is typical of a compressed file, any bigger and it would take an age to download.

    The way it has been put together is very good. Perhaps one of our American users can give/claim credit for the work.

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    Were suuuuuuuper stars - Whoo hoo! (just kiddin)

    Yaaay. We've gone international Maybe next time it will be because of our great race finish, and not because our wreck was so spectacular and the video is so hilarious.

    I'm Amy, the second crasher. The first Was Erica. She banged herself up pretty good and her arm was real swollen where she banged it. She's doing better but says she isn't quite ready to ride yet. Hope you get all healed up soon Erica.

    I was luckier with my injuries. I whacked my hip real good and got quite a nasty gash in it, but I have finally stopped limping and am ready for another race. That was the first race I actually competed in. Too bad my race day ended in the first heat Oh well. There's always next time.

    I just love that video. It is so funny with the music! The creator of the video is Dave out of Ohio. He does web work too. Thanks Dave.

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