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  • MMS Competition #1

    Right folks this has got left to the side for months now so it's about time we started having a few fun competitions. They will be free to enter for all Elite paying members and various prizes will be on offer for the winners etc.

    The prize for the first comp is has been very kindly donated by one of our members (leggs11) and consists of a brand new set of Dingle GRP RT2 style bodywork that will fit an RR or what ever you want with some possible adjustment needed.

    It was purchased new from Dingle GRP but a change of plans meant it was not used on the intended bike.

    The set consists of a pair of wet style mudguards, seat unit and front fairing finished in two tone red n black gelcoat. The only thing I feel I should mention is that the union-jack logo on the front mudguard has lifted a little where the gel coat is used in a decorative roll.

    The prize will be posted to the winner FOC or delivered to a track or venue of choice if possible.

    The first comp will run for four weeks, this is to let the word spread and encompass a Monster pro and FAB round plus some track days so people can get inventive.