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    2013 RACE DATES

    Round 1 & 2 - MARCH 29th / 30th / 31st - Llandow, South Wales
    Round 3 - APRIL 20th / 21st - Rowrah, West Cumbria
    Round 4 - MAY 11th / 12th - Whilton Mill, Nr. Daventry
    Round 5 - JUNE 1st / 2nd - Llandow, South Wales
    Round 6 - JUNE 29th / 30th - Whilton Mill (Zulu Circuit)
    Round 7 - AUGUST 3rd / 4th - Whilton Mill, Nr. Daventry
    Round 8 - SEPTEMBER 14th / 15th - Llandow, South Wales


    Entry Fee Round 1 & 2 - 115. Entry Fees Rounds 3 to 8 - 85 per round


    Rounds 1 to 8 Entries and Registration Fee @ 498 -Save 162. Offer valid until 28th February 2013

    We are also negotiating to have an end of season special event in September or October
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    1. Matt-davies's Avatar
      Matt-davies -
      Hi I raced minimotos as a kid but am now 25 and looking to do a few races at the tracks closest to where I live!i have a standard blata b1,could anyone tell me which class I would need to enter,how to do so and any extra information you think I may need to successfully go racing?thanks,all advice will be great fully recieved
    1. jibberwobble's Avatar
      jibberwobble -
      There are two championships to choose from this year, neither is finalised yet.



      As for class, is your bike a rep or genuine? B1's are 50cc arent they? If so you are in supers.

      Where are you located?
    1. Matt-davies's Avatar
      Matt-davies -
      Hi the bike I have is a rep!39cc,I am willing to travel to race but not rediculously far If u no what I mean!what do I need in ways of safety equiptment etc?i suspect a lot has changed since I last raced in about 2002!i am from Stafford!
      Thanks for your reply any extra info I would be very greatful of
    1. Matt-davies's Avatar
      Matt-davies -
      ALso how much would it be for me to enter for the whole season in the class I'd fall into?thanks
    1. gollum5753's Avatar
      gollum5753 -
      Have a look at the summer series bud they race minis there
    1. jibberwobble's Avatar
      jibberwobble -
      For info on FAB Racing - www.fab-racing.co.uk

      And for Monster-pro national minbike championship - http://www.minimotoscene.co.uk/forum...-summer-series