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    Affordable Racing

    The Moto Team Championship could be seen as entry level racing covering a wide range of ability and experience. Our rules are designed to give close competitive racing for everyone whilst keeping the costs as low as possible. The spirit of this race series has always been "cheap fun racing for everyone". You can now compete in a national championship without it taking over your life!

    Road Based Bikes/Scooters

    Popular machines include 50cc 2 strokes, 125cc 4 strokes and "twist and go" scooters, typical power outputs are around 15 to 16 bhp. On the tight and twisty Moto Team tracks these small machines give the thrill of competitive racing without the high speeds and expenses of racing big bikes on fast circuits.

    No Licences Required

    Minimum age to ride is 16 years of age.

    4 Full Weekends Per Year

    There are currently 4 meetings per season. Each meeting lasts the whole weekend so value for money is extremely good. If you form a team of three riders, the Moto Team race series works out far cheaper than track days, and you get real exciting competitive racing as well.

    A Team Sport

    Most teams use 2 or 3 riders and share the riding between them, as this approach helps spread the costs. There are some people that enter and ride as a solo team but there is a lot of riding to do.
    No matter which way you decide to race, you will have close racing and endless fun with Moto Team.

    A Social Event

    Moto Team race meetings last the whole weekend so there is plenty of time to enjoy a light ale or two and talk shop with fellow competitors. The social side of Moto Team has always been a central part of this race series, and the evenings are always good fun. Some teams bring their families along while others prefer to leave them at home. Families are very welcome and it's always a very safe environment for children of any age!

    For more info see The MotoTeam Race Series website, Moto-Team.org.uk or The FAB Racing Site.

    You can also join the Facebook Group, and the Moto-Team.org Forums!