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    We have had our meeting with MMR and great news: there will be one championship.

    March 26-27th: Llandow Kart Circuit (Round 1)
    April 16-17th: Whilton Mill National Circuit (Round 2)
    May 7-8th: Whilton Mill Zulu Circuit (Round 3)
    June 25-26th: Rowrah Kart Circuit (Round 4)
    July 16-17th: Whilton Mill National Circuit (Round 5)
    August 6-7th: Llandow Kart Circuit (Round 6)
    September 10-11th: Lydd National Circuit (Round 7)
    October 8-9th: Llandow Kart Circuit (Round 8)

    April 30th/May 1st: Rowrah Kart Circuit (Round 1)
    May 2nd: Rowrah Kart Circuit (Round 2)
    May 28-29th: Whilton Mill National Circuit (Round 3)
    July 9-10th: Llandow Kart Circuit Round 4)
    September 24-25th: Rowrah Kart Circuit (Round 5)

    Date TBA - Stowe Circuit

    For more info: www.fab-racing.co.uk
    Tel: 01903 212143

    Rules a mix of both championships, and will be posted on web site asap.
    Sidecars are planned to be supported at the MOTO TEAM rounds... pending confirmation.
    Here's to a great year

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    Tell me more

    Is that on the bank holiday weekend? I've got to work Sat and Sunday unfortunately.

    ianh8026 1 Day Ago Go to last post

    Tell me more

    You should come to Whilton Mill at the end of the month. So much better outdoors, no walls to crash into.

    Only bzm top ends Iv got a Watercooled

    Bullit 1 Day Ago Go to last post

    Tell me more

    Yea I'm keeping an eye out for an air cooled bzm top end but haven't seen any yet. I think it's gonna be easier to just buy a complete polini engine or

    ianh8026 2 Days Ago Go to last post

    Tell me more

    You’ll probably find it was the other way around, pump seized and spat the belt off.

    They feel very subdued when the clutch is low but

    Bullit 5 Days Ago Go to last post