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  • How to change your oil

    Oil Change


    Make sure you have everything you need including fresh oil, i used Castrol GP a 10w/40 oil which is good choice for your pit bike, cheap, clean and effective.


    Warm up your bike and let it idle for a a couple of minutes, to warm up the oil in the bike so it can exit it quicker, then locate the oil drain bolt, which is underneath the bike, under your engine guard. there should be a circular hole for your tool to fit underneath.


    Undo the bolt, which will need a good budge first time, make sure you have a container underneath the bike to catch the old oil, you will be suprised what your engine has been running on, replace oil drain bolt after all oil has been collected.


    Replace with your new oil, to do this, take off the oil cap located on the right hand side of the bike and take out the dipstick, also clean your oil bolt as there will be metal shards on there as theres magnet on the bolt which collects all the metal.

    Then put fresh oil in, to get the right measurement i put about the same amount in that came out, then you can add more if needed.


    And to finish off, warm up your bike for a minute or two, turn engine off, take out dipstick, wipe clean, put back in, pull it back out to get a accurate reading.

    And thats it, takes 15 minutes at most. the bike runs 110% better with fresh oil.
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    1. tobybrindley#1212's Avatar
      im a bit unsure where do you fill the oil up to on the dipstick? anywhere in the rough patch?