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    Neiler Sidecar Technical Drawings
    This is as technical as any existing drawings for the Race-Class Sidecars gets. These are the original drawings from FDRacing, drawn back in 1996. The measurements for the chassis are the original dimensions. Please check with the Championship Organiser within which you're racing what they're max dimensions are, and adapt the drawings to suit.

    The quality and measurements in some of these drawings was getting a bit old and blurry, so I've scanned and retyped on all the measurements.

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    Neiler Sidecar - A Bit on the Side

    "Based around the 45cc MiniMoto Racing Formula, the "Neiler" is a product of two years development.
    Front & Rear Discs, a 6hp watercooled engine, and a ground clearance of 2cm combine together to give rider and passenger every chance of competing in MMRA Championship Series'.
    Speeds of upto 50mph guarantee an exciting display of machine control without the risks associated with full size bikes."

    (Original 1996 Text Accompanying the Plans)

    All measurements shown are in Millimetres unless otherwise stated. Materials are listed where known.