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  • Got a pitbike but don't know how to convert it to supermoto? Look in here

    Though I'd quickly lash something together to give those who haven't done this yet a heads up what to do.

    This isn't the definative list of things to do. You must contact the track owner/event organiser for a full list of regulations and rules etc.

    So you've just bought your new/secondhand pitbike and want to come and play with the big boys (and girls before I get in trouble!) I'm not going into the tuning and set-up aspect or which type, make, brand size etc here just the basics so you can wobble around the track without upsetting the organiser or track owners.

    Pretty obvious that you're going to need some of these. Choices are either 12 inch or 10 inch rims and there are plenty of different brands of tyre out there to suit (No knobblies or you will end up looking like a monkey humping a rugby ball in every corner)

    Crash Bobbins

    These go on the ends of your axles/spindles to prevent the axle gouging big holes in the track owners 100-200,000 tarmac (yes tracks are expensive and that's just the tarmac) another upside is they also prevent damage to your bike which is a bonus. The normal method of attatchment is to drill your axles and then tap a thread in them to allow you to secure the bobbins. You can either do it yourself, get an engineering firm to do it for you or buy them pre drilled. Bobbins can be found through quite a few different sources. Swingarms can also be drilled and tapped to accept bobbins but make sure they prevent the spindle touching the tarmac and also that you are competent enough to do it without weakening the swingarm.

    Bar ends
    Same as crash bobbins and does the same job just that they attatch to the ends of your handlebars. Some tracks insist on these so seeing as they also help prevent damage to the bike it's another worthwile addition.

    Hand Guards
    Pitbike supermoto is a close and shall we say rough and ready sport and the last thing you need to do is clip your brake lever on someone elses handlebars as it has a tendancy to lock the front and leave you spectating instead of racing. Also assists in preventing damage to the bikes controls.

    Carb Breather Catch tank
    A small receptical to catch any overflow of fuel from your carb. All carb breathers must be routed into this. Don't forget to allow a breather hole as well on the top and don't route the pipes to the bottom of the catch tank as they will block and the bike will run like a sack of spuds. Do not route the engine/crankcase breathers into this as it upsets the carburation.

    Modified external oil filter housing used as a catch tank

    Budget version, small deodorant aerosol with top removed.

    Fuel Tank Breather
    To prevent fuel from spilling on he track if you bin it. Must have either a non return spill valve or a pipe ending in the carb breather catch tank.

    Non return/anti spill version

    Breather tube running to carb breather catch tank

    Oil Breather Catch Tank
    Similar to the carb breather one but this is there to collect any excess oil etc ejected from the engine whilst you spank the bike round the track. Can have any amount of inlets and idealy a breather/filter on the other end in a place that won't just drip oil onto your back tyre or you will end up facing the wrong way on the track with a bent bike and a sore backside.

    Budget version made from an old empty aerosol containter some hose pipe and a bit of chemical metal. Note the breather hole.

    Modified cheapy off fleabay with larger bore piping to allow engine to breath more

    Oil Catch Tray
    As we all know the internal combustion engine can at times be as reliable as a politician once they've been elected. So to this effect all pitbikes require a catch tray for those moments when the engine has a completely different view on the situation and spits it's guts out. The capacity of the tray is to be 1.5 times the engine oil capacity. As most pitbikes carry an average of 900mls of oil then the catch tray needs to be able to hold 1350millilitres (1.35 litres) Now don't all panic and have a hissy fit as this isn't actually that big and in no way gets in the way of anything. Can be custom made or just an old plastic petrol can chopped up and cable tied underneath.

    This one took about 15minutes to make and that included taking the pictures!

    This is 1350 mls of fluid in the can. Added coffee to illustrate.

    This is what it equates to shown by the black marker pen line. The section below the black line shouldn't be cut into. Use the spare material above it to chop about till it fits snug. Also advisable to drill extra holes in the bottom of the ally bash plate to allow any oil into the catch tray.

    Lockwiring sump plug and filler plug
    This is done to prevent either item from working loose and spilling oil all over the track (which will make you about as popular as a fart in a lift)

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