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  • Baby Blata Clutch Springs

    There are three types of clutch spring on the market for little Blata's.

    1. The Std ones = 1.0mm Dia Wire= 4-5
    This type of clutch spring is designed so the clutch bites as soon as the throttle grip is pulled back and the revs start to pick up.

    2. Racing Springs = 1.4mm Dia Wire= 4-5
    This clutch spring is thicker in wire diameter than the std spring therefore the throttle grip as to be pull back more and the revs increased before the clutch bites ( approx 500-1000rpm more than stock)

    3. Pro - Racing Springs = 1.6mm Dia Wire = 5-7
    This is by far the best clutch spring dia to buy if you require a cheap aftermarket mod. This spring is designed to increase the revs by 1000-1500rpm more than the stock spring before the clutch bites, giving a better pull out of the corners and accel.

    It's upto you but trust me go for option 3 you'll thank me in the end.

    There is another option and that is to fit a Bi-zeta Two shoe clutch which is an adjustable clutch and requires setting up correctly. However this clutch requires modification prior to fitting on the black plate, which needs to be ground down to fit inside the blata clutch drum . This clutch cost around 65-80 ( not recommended for the novice rider)

    Thanks to Johnhosepipe
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