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NM Micky B
08-07-2002, 01:40 AM
Hi all ladies and gents, from this continent and overseas,

As some of you already know, I've just purchased a Polini 911 w/c 6hp 6"wheeled midimoto. I just took it for a few stints at the local parking lot to try it out. Below are some observations:

1) I still don't know if there's a choke with this bike. haha laugh at me then :D Doesn't seem to need it tho. Starts right up after a few tries, but it wants to run away for the first minute or so. After that it stays still until you rev it and it's very smooth! :)

2) Man I get so much more attention on this bike than my SV! hahaha. Everywhere I go people just point and stare. I find myself still waving to other bikers that pass by while I'm on the sidewalk :D (Don't know if you guys wave in the UK.. but every biker here waves to me when they spot me, and vice versa, except for Harleys, they don't like to wave to sportbikes)

3) For some reason the rear brake seems stronger than the front. Whenever I brake into a turn, I tend to use the rear brake more cause it settles the bike more and is stronger anyway. Maybe the front brakes are greasy...

4) Wheels don't rotate freely like on a bicycle, the rear seems to be turning the engine, but the front seems to be rubbing the brakes. I'll probably have to clean and readjust them.

5) Getting the correct tire pressures are a pain in the bloody ar$e! (haha, me trying to sound British :D ) Keep losing like 10psi of pressure at a time when I fubble with the air gauge a little. Plus I don't know what's a good pressure. I've set it to 20-30 front and back i think.. gotta pick up a new gauge tomorrow cause I broke mine using it on the minimoto... :? I need some tips here definitely, I'm 6', 175 lbs.

6) the tire is rock hard even when the inner tube is deflated. I wonder why there's a need for inner tube...

7) my ankle hurts from the bending, and my knee hurts from crashing! hehehe :mrgreen:

Anyhow that's all for now, hope I can get some tips.

Thanks in advance y'all!


09-07-2002, 10:04 PM
1) choke is mounted towards the rear of the carb on right. silver lever, push down till it clicks and turn off by giving it full throttle
2)rear brake probably feels smoother but the front is definitely more powerful, maybe pads not quite bedded in yet
3)rear wheel not rotating freely is either dragging brake, tight chain or often clutch drum bearing is not very good
4)tyre pressures should be 25ish psi, the probably seem hard when cold but soften up when warm, they definitely do need inner tube though.
hope this helps

NM Micky B
10-07-2002, 12:07 AM
Thanks Curly,

I've just inspected the bike up close, after it is still dripping some of that brown oily fluid from the u at the bottom of the header.

I took off the header and had a look, nothing unusual. This oily substance seems to be spraying out of the header/exhaust joint right behind the radiator, and it's been collecting and dripping down. I cant see a way to fix it tho. Any suggestions?? or do all bikes drip a little of this stuff overnight?

Actually I busted my knuckle while taking off those @#$# retaining springs! Arg!! :x

I then Took a look at the spark plug and it is dark brown-black. I guess it's running rich because it's a newish bike and they've been using 40:1 mixture in it. Going to buy a new plug soon and replace it to see if it stays tan.

Was going to take a look at the filter too but it seems like you have to disassemble the bike to get to it! there's 2 screws that I can't get to unless I take off a large chunk of bodywork/exhaust.. :x

Ok for sure now the rear brake is dragging, it's dragging about half the time, can't see if it's warped visually tho. if it is then I think it's very minor and it's probably just Polini manufacturing... anyhow I don't know how to fix it, because it is dragging on the stationary pad, and I can't figure out how to move that :? Please help!!!

This is also the case with the right front brake, arg! same situation!!! :x

Oh and I found a bunch of bolts that were loose and I tightened them up, hehe. otherwise next time I ride the rear end might have fallen off! hahaha :D

Oh, I keep the bike inside the house, and there seems to be some gas fumes coming out of the tank. Is that thing not airtight? actually i know this one cause when I dumped it, some fuel was leaking out of the cap, heheh.

Anyway, please keep the help comin!