View Full Version : B1 rep pull cord replacement

31-03-2017, 04:11 PM
How do you replace one of these please Ive removed casing but unsure what happens when you remove the screw I don't want the spring unwinding on me lol Any help appreciated

04-04-2017, 07:45 AM
He he the spring uncoiled at a vast rate of knots and left me with the near impossible task of getting the spring back into the casing If you've ever had to do this you will know what I mean Heres how to do it Firstly get yourself a wooden board and knock a nail into Hook one end of the spring into the pulley wheel and the other onto the nail Start winding the spring on to the pulley wheel keeping it tight and applying downward pressure so it cant spring undone Keep going until you reach the nail Now have a tie wrap ready to fasten around the spring Next carefully remove the nail Now you can pop the pulley wheel back in the casing ensuring you locate it correctly You will need to secure the screw You then need to remove the tie wrap which I did by hooking it and then cut it and remove fully Bingo done Be careful the spring wrapped round me fingers and the ends stuck in lol Good luck