View Full Version : Newbie here looking to start next year..advice anyone?

27-08-2013, 06:12 PM
Hi guys,

Im looking to start racing in the pit bike 140 or 160 stock class next year. I was hoping to introduce myself and ask if anyone had any advice for me starting out?

Im ex RAF where I raced Mini moto's but im looking for a new challenge.

I am going down to Stretton on the 29th Sept where I am hoping to rent a bike for the meet and try it on for size. Anyone know of any good contacts that could help me get involved?

Thanks guys, hope to see you all soon!

28-08-2013, 03:04 AM
Hi and welcome Dixie :)

I'm sure Alan or someone will be along to shove you in the right direction soon.

28-08-2013, 07:35 AM
Hi Dixie

First of all welcome to the Championship, you will find everyone eager and pleased to help you whenever they can. The whole championship is built around people enjoying themselves both with the racing and the social side.

If you want to hire a bike to try the sport on for size you can either speak to me ( Alan) at Monster Pro Pitbikes UK or Julian at Minimoto Racing and we can sort something out for you.

The Next Rnd is at Stretton on 29th Sept. If its a Pitbike your looking to try we also have the odd Demo days at Stretton Circuit and Bike nights at Whilton Mill on Tuesday evenings where we allow people to try out our bikes free of charge. It would allow you to have a session or two and allow you to see what's involved and also meet some of the team.

If Its a Minimoto I'm sure we can arrange a similar trial on someone's bike so you can see for yourself what your getting into before you decide what and where to buy.

You can contact me at

Or Julian at