View Full Version : Are you Scots coming to take on the Brits

25-06-2002, 01:10 PM
July 20th & 21st sees the British championship at Raceland, Edinburgh. Are you up for a Scotland v England?

26-06-2002, 11:48 AM
OK you guys,

the MMRA British Championships roll into Minimoto "Heaven" at Racelands, Edinburgh on July 20th/21st. As someone who chose the MMRA for my son's first ever race meeting back at the end of 2000, I can honestly say that the only thing that's changed about this club is competitors attitudes (and maybe a timing system which has gradually had it's faults ironed out). Moaning about the sizes of the grids is no reason not to turn up - if you all turned up, the grids would be bigger & you WOULD enjoy yourselves. :D

With the committee stretched to the limits, at Swaffham everybody seemed to do that little bit extra, not only to help the club, but to help themselves. Hands up all those who didn't enjoy the whole weekend at Swaffham ? Finished at just after 4pm, with an extended lunch break & a visit from the air ambulance ! Just goes to show that without the obstructions of hunting for marshalls, and just a tiny bit of co-operation from the paddock in general, we CAN do it & still have fun.

There's no doubt in my mind that the minimoto scene for next year will have a different look about it - all the talk about rising insurance costs, etc is bound to have an effect. One things for sure, as long as the MMRA is functional we will continue to support it - different people have different opinions, but I still firmly believe that the MMRA is where it's at, and the club can't be blamed for the dwindling grids. We have a computerised timing system that works, and a team organising the events who don't want to sell you anything or rob you of your hard-earned pennies. Just compare race entry fees with the regional clubs for a whole weekends racing & see where you get the best value for money.

If you've never been to Edinburgh to race, or even to an MMRA round, then take it from me, the track & facilities at Racelands are 2nd to none, do the sport a favour and come north of the border to play - you WILL NOT regret it. Its time for the riders to all come together (yes Tosh, we want your boys as well !) and stop the sport dying a death (or am I the only one that thinks we are shooting ourselves in the foot with all the political wranglings ?) I'm planning another year in minimoto for the AZMAN in 2003 - we NEED the sport to get its act together or there will be no platform for the youngsters to hone their talents.

I'm headed up the A1 on Thurs 18th July - come on you guys, make this an event to remember !

Andy Easter