View Full Version : Honda engine parts wanted

27-04-2006, 09:15 PM
Hi People

Im after some bit to complete a rebuild of a C50E- Honda i have recently stripped it down and i have identified some bits i need to rebuild the engine and some info if poss.

Starting from the top

Cylinder Head Complete or not (complete would be nice valves etc)
though i might recamm it so which camm would i be able to fit.

Cylinder barrel as the one i have is knackered and no good possibly a new piston but maybe a upgraded one might be a possibility any ideas

also im after a right hand side crankcase (the clutch side) as it has had the bottom ripped out of it with a small hole in it i do not know if ill need a C50E- or will any C50/CUB engine case fit.

I take it CRF 50 type engine upgrades will not fit this engine or am i mistaken.

Also what size upgraded carb would everyone suggest to put on the engine any ideas.

If anyone has some parts that they want to sell i would be really gratefull as i would really like to complete my little project and get a bike built up.

Cheer Ross.........